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Today is 'Muttertag' (mother's day sounds strange) and also my father's birthday! Quite unusually I woke up very early at 10:46am but just because of a loud noise *laugh*

My eatings at the moment are not that good haha. The barbecue was very nice, of course! But I ate too much marshmallows so I have the result today *sigh* and because of the birthday we will eat a lot of cake and have again barbecue. I dunno how to stand this day, but nevertheless I am happy. Monday I am more disciplined and then I also can do sports again. I got a injection at firday so my doctor said 'no sports for minimal 3 to 5 days' 'Ô___Ô WTF?!? ufff'. Usually I should not do sports for a week but I want to ...

11.5.08 14:12


Weekend is comin! haha I am so happy about it because now I have a short period vacation .. till wednesday so I can sleep a loooot but I also have to learn for school because I still write 4 exams the next weeks. But the weather is so great!

At the moment I did not weight myself for 5 days and I am getting hysteric because on the one hand I wanna know but on the other hand I do not want to*haha*

In 2 hours I am going to friends because we will have a nice barbecue it will be fun! Because I did not eat much the whole day it is no problem for me! 2 apples in school + 2x instant noodles (130kcal) and now the barbecue ... I am so hungry I cannot wiat haha.

Have a nice day! And enjoy the beautiful weather! 

9.5.08 18:02

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